Dylan Larkin given one-game suspension for roughing Lightning's Mathieu Joseph

Dylan Larkin, Mathieu Joseph Lightning Red Wings Hockey
Posted at 4:41 PM, Oct 15, 2021

(WXYZ) — Detroit Red Wings forward Dylan Larkin was given a one-game suspension by NHL Player Safety on Friday for roughing Tampa Bay's Mathieu Joseph during Thursday night's game.

In its explanation video, NHL Player Safety described Larkin's action as a "forceful retaliatory strike" to Joseph's face.

"We understand that Larkin is frustrated on this play," the video's narrator explains. "But as our department has established in the past, players are not excused from punishment merely because they are acting in response to the actions of another player. What causes this play to rise to the level of supplemental discipline is the retaliatory nature of the punch and the force with which it is delivered to an unsuspecting opponent."

NHL Player Safety adds Larkin's lack of previous fines or suspensions contributed to the ruling.

Red Wings coach Jeff Blashill said Larkin did not practice on Friday.

"(Joseph) hits (Larkin) right in the numbers and Larks basically has his head (down) going into the glass...he gets up and there's no penalty called," Blashill said when recounting the sequence prior to Friday's hearing. "I think at that point, he's thinking 'we have to police ourselves out here.'"

"I think Larks would tell you he'd like to take that back, that really what he was trying to do was get (Joseph's) attention to fight him. But personally, we'd like to be in a position where it's just a penalty on the original hit and I don't know if anything happens. So I feel bad, (ticked) off for Larks that he's got to take that punishment, and then feels the need on a regular basis to kind of defend himself."