Dan Campbell said there are "mixed emotions" about Goff and the Lions heading to Los Angeles

Dan Campbell at podium
Posted at 4:13 PM, Oct 20, 2021

Wednesday at practice, Dan Campbell acknowledged that the Lions visiting the Rams in Los Angeles will feel different than any other game. That is especially true for Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff, the two quarterbacks that were involved in a trade and swapped during the off-season.

"It’s on a higher level when you play quarterback and you’ve been the guy," said Campbell. "Some emotion does come with it. I don’t care who you are, when you’ve played for a team for a number of years and then you go to play them again there is an element- there’s mixed emotions, man."

Campbell said he has not openly seen Jared Goff emotional in regards to the Rams or Sunday's game. He says Goff comes to Allen Park every Wednesday and has set the reset button for the next week. He prasied his quarterback for getting ready for the next opponent and doing what he needs to do to prepare on the field. However, he continued to say this type of game will feel special for any player in a similar situation.

"You want to win but there are so many people you remember, who were good to you, you’ll never forget them," said Campbell. "There’s a lot that comes with it. When it’s time to kick off- from this point on- it’s all about ‘what is my job description? What do I need to do for my team to get us ready to go?’ Once it kicks off, it’s all about ball."

Campbell said there was no trying to keep Stafford with the Lions upon getting hired as the head coach and felt that it was the appropriate moment to move on.

"It was very evident that it was time," said Campbell. "When you’re hearing all that and you know what the mindset is. And that’s okay. That was where it was going to go. There was no need to try to push it somewhere it wasn’t going to be. Both parties made the move we did, he handled it like a pro, he’s doing a great job out there right now, and unfortunately we have to face him now."