Confidence and comfort drive Lions in second training camp under Dan Campbell

Jared Goff
Posted at 9:28 AM, Jul 28, 2022

There's a sense of comfort and familiarity at Allen Park this year after already having a year under Dan Campbell as head coach. Campbell gives credit to his staff and says he wants his players to know that he is confident in the pieces that the team has in place.

“I think for me and for those players, I want them to know that I truly believe we have the right coaching staff. And I do believe we’ve got enough pieces in here to compete. I really do. And to me, when you’re a coach, if – you just want to know you’ve got – that you do have the pieces to able to compete, and I do feel that way. And now, it’s up us collectively to find a way to turn some of those losses from last year into wins," said Campbell.

Jared Goff, Jeff Okudah and TJ Hockenson all echoed Campbell's sentiment about being able to compete with the pieces already in place in Allen Park. Goff says he's aware that winning hasn't happen for years in Detroit, but he believes they can be the quickest team to turn it around.

"How do we win for our division & then compete for a championship in the playoffs? That's always the expectation."

"You find a way to turn, to flip five or six of those games, and all of sudden you’re right there," said Campbell. "That to me is what this is about. I think we have enough to compete, and now it’s on us to find a way to close out those games, and that’s why you asked that question. That’s why is, in the criticals, ‘Can we find a way? Can we find a way to get a little bit better? Can we find way get a little bit better, to pull off some of those wins?’"