MSU football players supporting each other during Hurricane Harvey

Posted at 7:17 AM, Aug 30, 2017

For college students, being away from family can take some time getting used to, but not being there during a natural disaster can be an even tougher pill to swallow.

Darrell Stewart’s family moved to higher ground as Harvey flooded out their home. As of right now, they are safe, but he says it's painful to know they're going through this. His teammate Tyler Higby who is also from Houston feels the same.

“I mean when I leave out of here, it does hurt seeing family and friends floating around. Then again, I just know how serious the game is and try to stay focused," Stewart said.

Higby's family wasn't affected by the storm, but he said it's still hard to be away from his hometown during the tragedy.

What's happening in Houston is creating a strong bond on and off of the field. While they can't make it down there to see their families, they are relying each other every day to get by.

"Every day I’m asking ‘Hey how's your mom doing?’ and he'll say she's good, so that's good to hear that his family is doing good. Coach Sam is from Houston too so I’ve been talking to him too. It’s been good to hear how his family been doing too," Higby said.

Their focus is the game coming up against Bowling Green, but Higby and Stewart said it's nice to have the support of the team and the university to keep them focused during this difficult time.