Brackets already busted in Mid-Michigan

Posted at 7:28 AM, Mar 20, 2017

Devon Perry is all about his bracket. If he gets everything right, he could win a lot of money... But after a couple wrong picks... Well, he's kissing that money goodbye.

"It's awful,” Perry said. “It's awful, my million dollar shot is gone."

A lot of people are feeling the same way because even though the tournament just started, these brackets are busted.

"It's upset city man,” Ken Schwarderson said. “Upset city."
"I got the Middle Tennessee upset,” Jason Hodge said. “Lost the Princeton game, I had Princeton, but we’re still holding on."

"I'm upset about it so much," Perry said.

The odds of picking a winning bracket are pretty slim. But that doesn't stop people from trying. Some do it for fun while others have money on the line. Jack Baker is competing with his brother.
“He sent me a bracket and we're in a pool over there and whoever wins gets 25 dollars," Baker said.

The competition has people glued to their phones and TV screens. And everyone has their own philosophy on why they pick certain teams. Some choose their favorite school:

"I picked Michigan State to go all the way,” Bridgit Barner said. “I'm a huge Spartan fan."

While others say that'll get you nowhere, it's all about the stats:

"The point percentage. Who's making points, who's making plays," Matt Hasbny said.

"Never bet with your heart,” Hodge said. “Bet with your mind, not your heart. Your heart will put you in the poor house"

But some say no matter what you do...

"It's all luck of the draw to be honest with you,” Schwarderson said.