Barry Sanders reflects on 'rookie' experience in Lions training camp

Posted at 9:25 AM, Aug 10, 2022

(WXYZ) — A day after visiting Detroit Lions training camp in Allen Park, Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders reflected on his own camp experiences during his playing career.

"I missed my first training camp (in 1989) because I was holding out for a contract," Sanders said. "So when I came back the second year, they basically almost treated me like a rookie. I had to get up and sing in front of the team, stuff like that."

"I was barely able to get the first sentence out, and everyone just burst out laughing, and that was like the end of the song. I wasn't even able to get through half the song."

Sanders expressed optimism about the 2022 Lions following his visit to practice.

"I just noticed the feedback from the coaches was very positive, and for me, just being out there and being close to the field this time of year, you just feel that certain thing as a former player, but it's always a treat."