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Socks Will Make You Look Like You Have Actual Chicken Legs

Posted at 9:30 AM, May 07, 2020

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While you might be sheltering in place at home these days, that doesn’t mean you have can’t dress up. And by dress up, we mean wear ridiculously fun clothing that you probably wouldn’t be caught dead wearing out of the house.

An Amazon novelty store called The Found sells hilarious socks that will legit make it look as though you have the legs of a chicken. A cartoon chicken, maybe, but a scrawny-legged farm fowl nonetheless.

These crazy chicken legs knee socks come in rose red with a black background, yellow with a white background, and yellow with a black background, which seems to be the most popular choice. You can even buy a three-pack that includes all of the colors.

The socks are made from a blend of cotton, polyester and spandex so they are soft, lightweight and breathable. The design is woven into the fabric rather than printed on, so you can enjoy your chicken feet even after several spins in the washer.

Amazon/The Found

Customers seem pleased with their poultry-appendage purchases. Lana Triece posted a pic on Instagram showing off her socks while she pieced a puzzle together.

“Chicken. Legs. My dream has come true,” she wrote:

Kasper the bull terrier might not be a fan of his human’s footwear, but he’s not letting on. “Kasper passes judgment but keeps his lips sealed,” posted his owner, Emily Devine:

Others are finding the socks to be great gifts. Halee Rose Dewar received a pair from her partner’s mom.

“My mother-in-law to be is awesome and gets me,” she shared on her Instagram post:

The socks come in two sizes: long (19.7 inches) and short (15.7 inches), which is the length of the stocking itself not including the foot size. Prices vary by color and size but are generally about $10 a pair or $16 for a three-pack. Check them out on Amazon.

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