Amazon will now pay you instantly for used electronics, books and more

Amazon will now pay you instantly for used electronics, books and more
Posted at 1:16 PM, Nov 16, 2016

Need a little extra money for your holiday shopping? Amazon is willing to give you instant credit for items that you either don't want or need anymore!

The Amazon Trade-In program has been around for awhile, but it no longer requires shoppers to wait 10 days to receive credit for the items they want to trade in. This is awesome news for those looking for some fast money. Amazon accepts trade-ins on phones, video games and consoles, books, DVDs, cameras, CDs, wearables (like watches) and other electronics. Of course, the newer an item is, the higher the trade-in value.

How much money can I get for an Amazon Trade-In?

It depends on the item and its condition. A quick look at the trade-in site shows the following values:

How does the Amazon Trade-In Program Work?

In literally just a few clicks, you could have some Amazon credit waiting for you thanks to the easy trade-in process. Here's a brief overview of how it works:

1. Find items eligible for trade-in. Amazon Trade In Categories 2. Visit the Amazon Trade-In Programwebpage and find out the value of your item. Amazon Trade In values

3. Amazon will then walk you through a series of questions about the item's condition, function and financing (do you own the item or are you still making payments). Be honest about this, because you will need to send the item to Amazon—don't worry they provide a printable free shipping label on the website.

4. Amazon will give you an instant trade-in value to accept, and you will be asked to decide what to do if Amazon decides your item is of lesser quality than you had specified (they will return it for free or you can accept the lower price).

What happens once you accept the trade-in offer? Poof! Your Amazon account gets credited immediately with the company's offer, and you can shop right away! You send the item to Amazon with the pre-paid shipping label and the deal is done.

You must have a credit card on file with Amazon, just in case your item comes in at a lower trade-in value upon inspection or is rejected. If either of those things happen, Amazon will charge your card either the difference in value for the item or return the item and charge you the full trade-in value. Amazon provides a full description on their item acceptance and rejection policies to review before you complete a trade-in.