You Can Now Buy A Sparkly Mermaid Pool Float At Sam’s Club

Posted at 10:29 PM, Jun 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-09 22:29:06-04

Ah, to be a mermaid. Living free in the sea, sunbathing whenever the mood strikes and, of course, having a sparkly and colorful tail to show off to all your fish friends swimming nearby.

Unfortunately, chances are we’ll never get to be a mermaid, so we’ll have to settle for just daydreaming instead. You can get one step closer to the real thing, however, thanks to Sam’s Club’s latest float, which will have you feeling like a mermaid in your backyard pool.

This Summer Waves mermaid island pool float is not only spacious enough for two people to relax on in a pool or at the lake, but it’s also only $24.98. The transparent top of the float is filled with glitter confetti for extra sparkle and shine, and the oversized mermaid tail has a colorful scales print, perfect for a mermaid.

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Not into mermaids? No worries. Fun pool floats are huge right now, and I can almost guarantee there is one for you.

While shopping on Sam’s Club’s website, you’ll also find large unicorn, peacock and flamingo floats, which cost between $149-$169. These party floats are massive and much bigger than the mermaid. You can fit six friends on these, plus they have cupholders, and the flamingo and unicorn even have a cooler. Time to break out the cooler for cold drinks and the blender for margaritas!

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Or, how about a cuddly sloth float? There is a built-in cupholder right in the sloth’s paw, so you’ll always be able to have a drink nearby while floating all summer. The float is also oversized, so you can lay your head back and seriously relax. You can find it at Walmart for $39.99 or Amazon for $34.99.

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Not feeling the animal thing at all? Check out this floating red truck lounge complete with a built-in cooler under the hood. The truck costs $49.99 at BJ’s Wholesale, and it also includes dual armrests, a soft backrest and two cup holders.

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If food is more your thing, Taco Bell has also launched a line of pool accessories for the summer, including an amazing hot sauce packet float. At $45, it is 43-by-80, big enough for you to kick back and float your cares away.

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Of course, summer isn’t really summer without a few cocktails, so in honor of summer drinking, Funboy has a new hydroplane float that uses colors directly from Smirnoff Seltzer’s line of products, including their brand new rosé flavors. The colorful hydroplane float is $99 and big enough for two adults.

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If you’re trying to decide what pool float is best for you, odds are you also have a pool. So you might want to check out the best pool cleaners to make sure your pool is perfect all summer long.

Which pool float do you like most?

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