Data shows Michigan teachers being vaccinated at different rates

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Posted at 4:24 AM, Mar 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-02 05:52:02-05

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — New data from the Michigan Education Association is giving us a better idea of the number of teachers being vaccinated so far across Michigan.

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In Kent County, nearly 80% of educators have been vaccinated or are planning to get the COVID vaccine but in Kalamazoo only about 30% of educators have been vaccinated.

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Data from Michigan Education Association

The White House says it will likely be 2022 before our kids are eligible for a vaccine party because drug companies like Pfizer are just now beginning to study their vaccine in children.

So we went to the experts to get a firsthand look at Michigan Department of Health and Human Services data in kids prior to the pandemic to see the number of kids who were vaccinated with basic immunizations.

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Data from MDHHS

The Michigan Education Association says nearly two-thirds of Michigan school employees are either vaccinated or in the process of being vaccinated against COVID-19.

Vaccination rates for Michigan educators
Vaccination rates for Michigan educators

“Our members see the vaccine as a critical component to reopening classrooms across the state, along with continued mitigation measures like masks, social distancing, and sanitization,” said MEA president Paula Herbart.

“They are following the science and are embracing the vaccines’ potential for protecting their health and safety, as well as that of their students. While thousands of educators are still waiting to be scheduled for vaccination because of the short supply of the vaccine, these results show a great deal of progress.”

However, frustration with vaccine rollout is still very real among many educators. The organization tells FOX 17 about 20% of MEA members have not heard from their employer about arrangements to get vaccinated by local health departments.

The majority of those who have received shots or are scheduled to do so secured their appointment on their own 60% as opposed to through their employer.

Higher education faculty and staff are not yet eligible for the vaccine.

Coming up Wednesday 5-9 a.m. on FOX 17 Morning News, we are speaking with several school districts and health experts about what a vaccine rollout in schools could look like, how schools are keeping kids safe for in-person learning, and what to expect as we get closer to adults getting vaccinated.

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You can also join in on a LIVE panel discussion with our Mike Avery and area health experts to ask any questions you may have surrounding kids and the COVID vaccine.