Restaurants use QR codes for menus to lessen transmission of coronavirus

Posted at 4:48 PM, Jun 26, 2020

Since restaurants opened their doors to dine-in service, you may have noticed several different steps taken to create as safe as possible environment in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the ways is changing the way customers decide on their orders as they prepare to dine out, reports Denver7. Now, when you walk in to many restaurants you'll find a QR code on tables or at the front door.

Just by putting your phone’s camera over that code, the restaurants menu pops up.

President and CEO of SpeedPro, Larry Oberly, said the plan wasn’t to release this technology this year. The coronavirus sped up the process.

"We have set up signage outside and in the waiting area to get into the restaurant where the patron can see that they can actually download the menus onto their phones and then once they go to the tables they can go ahead and pull those menus up."

General Manager at Cherry Cricket Ballpark, Samantha Taxin, said the way for people to pull up their menus is a success so far.

"It’s a safer way to pull up the digital menu. I’m barely printing menus so it seems to be really working for the public, to be able to pull that up. We have a few fresh ones that we print every day but we really haven’t had to use any," Taxin said.

Some will call it a fad but for many restaurants, it’s technology that’s here to stay.

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