Rebound - Drumming up business and commission through social media

Posted at 7:19 AM, Dec 28, 2020

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. — If you’re active on social media and like sharing products or shopping experiences, you could make some extra money doing it in the future. “Drum” is a new app that allows regular folks or gig workers to find new sales through a referral reward program. “They can go and create a referral opportunity that says, ‘Hey if you send customers to me, we’re going to give the customer 20% off their next purchase, but you get a 5% reward for any purchases they make,’” explained Troy Deus, Founder of Drum.

It’s up to the business to offer up as much of a referral reward as they choose, which Deus explains can cut down on other overhead they’d normally pay through marketing or sales commission. Deus says, “It can be a percentage of sales, or a flat dollar amount, then the referrers can see those opportunities and share that within their network and earn money.”

Drum charges nothing up front to the businesses that use it, it’s only when they get a successful referral do they pay the middle man a referral fee, and then “drum” gets 15% commission of that referral. For example a business that pays a $10 referral fees sends an additional $1.50 to “drum”.

“Drum” can be used to sell products or services, and to get started, check out drum online.