Rebound Mid Michigan: Impact of COVID-19 on travel and coping mechanisms from experts

Posted at 10:21 PM, May 19, 2020

In tonight's Rebound Detroit we take a look at the devastating effect on travel due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Weddings, concerts and special vacations that took months to plan are now canceled in the blink of an eye. And the heart ache you feel is real, that's why 7 Action News launched the Rebound Detroit to help you get through the tough times with the resources and guidance to weather this storm.

We went to the experts for some coping skills.

It's like a dark cloud is hung over Michigan. Concert venues are silent, planes stand still, weddings postponed and for couples like Robert and Tanya Ridley, a promise made has fallen short.

This year is their silver anniversary and Aruba was their vacation destination until COVID-19.

The Ridley's are not alone. Leisure travel accounted for 1.9 billion trips in 2019. Hoever, COVID-19 has nearly stopped it all with 1 in 4 Americans saying they will wait for a vaccine before spending another night ina hotel.

"There is so much uncertainty and we don't know when we're going to be doing anything," said Psychiatrist Dr. Debra Hollander with Ascension Providence.

She says spring is busy with graduations, honeymoons and summer vacations and with it all coming to a screeching halt, heartache is understandable.

Dr. Hollander suggests recreating a vacation at home. Camp in the backyard. I you love up north, there is a charlevoix cam with water flowing from Lake Michigan. The Ridley's with son and daughter at home are reconnecting.

But for some, it's still not that simple.

"There is a lot of disappointment and I think we have to honor the fact that we are disappointed if we try to avoid it it's going to come back more painful," Dr. Hollander said.

And if your devastation leads to depression or worse there are free community mental health programs such as telehealth and even the suicide hotline.

Above all else, look for the positive.

So here's the Rebound rundown.

- Accept that you will feel disappointment

- Recreate your vacation at home if you can
- And know there is free help if your devastation leads to depression

Dr. Hollander adds that you should remember that this is only temporary and she recommended listening to Lucy Howe about resilience, which focuses on instead of asking why me, why not me, and hunting for the good and being grateful. </p>

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