The Rebound: Utilizing LinkedIn to the fullest in your job search

Posted at 10:58 AM, Nov 09, 2020

Having a LinkedIn account can be a big help in searching for a job if you’re utilizing the online platform to its fullest extent.

We spoke with Rachel Gray, the Executive Director at Hello West Michigan, a talent attraction company that showcases West Michigan for people who may want to relocate here.

Gray said people need to get in the habit of checking their LinkedIn account as often as other social media.

“Start logging into LinkedIn every day, just like you scroll through your Facebook profile or Instagram," Gray said. "That’s usually a daily thing for most people, you need to do the same with LinkedIn. If you put a lot of work on your resume and then you don’t send it to anyone, it’s really not doing its job. That’s the same thing with LinkedIn, if you update your profile but then you’re not actively engaging with the platform and others on the platform, then you’re really not using it to the best of your ability.”

Gray said you should follow “influencers” and people in your industry and companies that you are interested in, but not necessarily the President or CEO, instead connect with someone in your field, in HR or Talent Acquisition.

“Just explain, ‘Hey, I’m really interested in your company, trying to network, would love to hear more about the opportunities that you have.’ If they are a recruiter they want to get notes like that, that’s their job to find people that are interested in their company,” Gray told Fox 17.

Gray said by following companies, you may see available jobs before they go to other websites.

Gray also said it’s always important to tell the person why you are connecting with them, whether you attended the same college, work in the same field or whatever the reason you chose them.

LinkedIn also allows users to set up job alerts, and Gray says change your headline so people know you are actively looking for a job.

“You might say, ‘Rachel Gray, Marketing Professional looking for new opportunities. That’s how a lot of people put in their headline that they are open, because it’s the first thing that pops up when someone searches your name, and it’s a great way to let people know that you’re looking,” Gray explained. It’s also important to adjust your privacy setting so people know you’re available for a new job.“Go to slash psettings. It’s under the privacy settings section. It’s a toggle that you turn on and off. You want to turn it on so recruiters know that you’re looking for positions and you come up in their searches on LinkedIn Recruiter."

It may go without saying, but it’s also important to update your skills often on your profile and make sure you install the app on your phone so you can see messages quicker from prospective employers.

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