Here's what to do if the 3rd stimulus check was sent to the wrong bank account

Posted at 5:47 AM, Apr 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-05 06:24:32-04

(WXYZ) — It’s happening again: Some people are reporting their stimulus check deposited into the wrong again.

Debbie Baker and her daughter were looking forward to getting their $1,400 stimulus checks and using them toward a vacation.

“Yes, it would be nice to hit the beach,” Baker said.

But neither one of them has their $1,400 yet. Baker just discovered the IRS sent hers to her old bank.

“When you do that ‘check my stimulus’ thing, it actually gave it to my old bank account,” Baker said — even though she gave the IRS her new banking info in January.

Imagine pulling up to the bank someday and finding the windows are boarded up and the ATM machines have been taken.

Well that’s a bit what it feels like for people whose stimulus checks went to the wrong bank account.

The same thing happened with the last stimulus two months ago.

“The first payment was sent back in April to the correct last four digits of my account. The second payment went out on Jan. 4, but the last four digits I didn’t recognize,” Boyd said, “it wasn’t in any of my accounts.”

Boyd and millions of people saw their $600 stimulus sent to H&R Block or TurboTax instead. That original issue should be all fixed now.

This time, the IRS says it is sending the $1,400 checks to the account it had on file last year.

If someone recently changed banks, like Baker and her daughter, it will bounce back and be mailed to them instead — which means the vacation will have to wait.

Unfortunately, the IRS is not taking calls to correct this. If someone changed account numbers, they may have to wait a few more weeks for a paper check, so they don’t waste their money.