Red Kettle Campaign doing well so far

Posted at 8:08 AM, Dec 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-16 08:08:43-05

A drop in the red kettle can go a long way.

"It's always the season to donate because there's always somebody hungry, somebody's always homeless," said bell ringer Rinex James.

He told FOX 47 it's a job that makes him feel good because a number of people are always willing to give.

"For somebody else that might be homeless, somebody that might've lost their job, somebody hit by a fire or death in their family," James said.

He's working to help the Salvation Army raise $230,000 this season.

And, Erik Berakovich is just one shopper who's helping him get there.

"Whatever we can do to bring families clothing, meals," Berakovich said. "And, it's starting to get cold too; so I always try to give this time of year anyways."

So far, the red kettles have collected about 63% of the Salvation Army's goal. Major Alan Hellstrom tells us with only 10 days left, he's confident the tri-county community will make it happen.

"I think things are a little better weather wise, a little better local economy," Major Hellstrom said. "I think Lansing is a growing community and wonderful jobs in our area, so I feel that Lansing can support our goal."

But, there have been a few setbacks in recent years.

"Online shopping. There aren't as many people out at the stores, even though it may feel like it if you go out there shopping, but also a cashless society," he explained.

And Major Hellstrom said he understands there are several options when it comes to giving.

"Think of the red kettle as just another opportunity to give, not as an annoyance or a guilt, laying on a guilt trip. It's just out there to remind people and we appreciate all the quarters and all the dollars that get placed in our kettle," Major Hellstrom said.

And, he promises they'll continue to "Do the Most Good" with whatever you can drop in the kettle.

The red kettle donations contribute to the Salvation Army's overall goal of $960,000.

The money helps them provide services throughout the year.

If you're not out and about or don't carry cash, you can donate online at: