TA Forsberg partners with MSU advertising class

Posted at 8:29 AM, May 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-03 14:41:01-04

This week M3 Group, Blue Sky and TA Forsberg Inc met at Forsberg’s Okemos office to judge the Captstone presentations of MSU’s Advertising and 486 Class.  For 1 semester upperclassmen from Professor Steve Flasters’ ADV 486 Marketing & Advertising class  at MSU worked on developing a cohesive Marketing Strategy for a future development project in the Okemos area.

Michigan State University’s Advertising 486 capstone course gives upperclassmen the opportunity to work for a real life client as a wrap up of the material they learned in their college careers. This is the second time TA Forsberg Inc has worked with the advertising class.

The class is made for seniors who are preparing to graduate. The students work the whole semester researching and designing a campaign for their client, which they can use as part of their portfolios when they graduate.  There is also a cash prize for the best group.

“This class is a great way for students to understand what the real world in advertising is like. I appreciate TA Forsberg Inc. allowing my students to present them. I love teaching this course and seeing what bright ideas students create,” said Professor Steve Flaster, who teaches the advertising class.

“We get incredible ideas from the MSU students. I’m always impressed by the students and their professional behavior. The company enjoys working with them and we hope they are gaining something valuable out of the whole experience as well,” said Brent Forsberg, president of TA Forsberg Inc.

The panel determined a winner from the three groups who will receive a monetary prize. Forsberg said the students’ ideas will be utilized in the coming months with campaigns for the upcoming project.  The reason we work with MSU and their students is that we get fresh new perspectives and help give a meaningful real life work experience to the students.  We have had several interns over the years who have gone on to great positions and we welcome the opportunity to nurture young talent.