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Peach Cobbler Hair Is The Newest Must-have Hue For Summer

Peach Cobbler Hair Is The Newest Must-have Hue For Summer
Posted at 4:02 PM, Jul 01, 2019

Peach cobbler hair is the latest hair color trend to take summer 2019 by storm. This pastel twist on red hair brings a sweet dose of light and warmth, with a peach-infused boost of blonde that’s simply perfect for summertime.

Peach cobbler hair was so dubbed by Los Angeles-based colorist Chad Kenyon, who wanted to bring depth and dimension to red hair for the summer season.

“I first painted vanilla bean ice-creamy blonde dimension throughout [the] hair by balayaging and strobing,” Kenyon tells Allure. “I then painted a soft shadow-root, lowlights, and a global-gloss (all over) with varying nutmeg-infused peach tones.”

OK, is anyone else getting really hungry?

Kenyon posted a picture of his Peach Cobbler hair on Instagram and, as you can see, it’s a color that’s just begging to be debuted at poolside parties and backyard barbeques.

Kenyon recommends that clients request Olaplex 1 along with their color process, as this will help to keep tresses shiny and healthy, and says you should follow up with Olaplex products at home. (Find them online at Sephora or at your salon.)


Lyndsy Showers, stylist and owner of Bang Salon in Madison, Wisconsin, tells Simplemost that this new hair color trend is thanks in part to the rose gold trends that have been popular for the last few years. But Showers notes that we are now seeing a shift from cool tones back to warm tones, which is perfect for the laid-back vibes of summer.

“Warmer hair tones are easier to maintain, which are a nice fit for summer hair,” says Showers. “Also as people lighten their hair in the summer, the hair will go through warmer stages, which lend well to this ‘peach cobbler’ hair. A lot of people can pull off this soft look and it’s an easy transition from the balayage blondes. Just put a glaze over it and you have a new hair color!”

Not into the peach cobbler look? How about the new “oil slick” trend or metallic highlights?

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