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How to order cookies and cream cold brew from Starbucks’ secret menu

How To Order Cookies And Cream Cold Brew From Starbucks’ Secret Menu
Posted at 4:15 PM, Jan 26, 2021

Are you feeling a little bored with your usual Starbucks order? This delicious combo of cookies and cream from one of the creators of Starbucks secret menu drinks will bring a little extra sweetness to your afternoon caffeine fix.

Cookies and cream cold brew blends cold brew coffee, vanilla and mocha and tops it all off with cookie crumble. Yum! It’s not on Starbucks’ menu, but the “secret menu” instructions will let you know what to tell your barista or how to put it together if you’re ordering online.

As usual with Starbucks secret menu items, please note that these are created by fans of the coffee chain, so don’t pull into the drive-thru and expect the baristas to know how to make one of these drinks by name alone. They won’t know what you’re talking about!

Here’s how to order a cookies and cream cold brew, according to TikTok’s Starbucks Lover. This drink starts with a sweet cream cold foam cold brew, but less vanilla than usual, and add white mocha. You’ll also add regular mocha to the cold foam, plus a sprinkle of mocha cookie crumble on top.

Watch @starbucksisbae to get the full ordering details:

@starbucksisbaeThe Cookies and Cream Cold Brew 🍪 ##baristarecipes ##starbuckssecretmenu ##starbucks ##starbucksisbae ##starbucksdrinks ##barista ##cookiesandcream♬ Paparazzi – Kim Dracula

Or if you’re in the mood for something really decadent, you could try the Wonder Woman frappucino off the secret menu. Made with the strawberry crème Frappuccino as the base, this drink just needs a few substitutions like caramel drizzle and white mocha to create a drink that Wonder Woman herself would not be able to resist. Watch @StarbucksisBae explain the order:

@starbucksisbaeThe Wonder Woman Frappuccino ♥ ##baristarecipes ##starbuckssecretmenu ##starbucks ##starbucksisbae ##starbucksdrinks ##barista ##wonderwoman♬ Wonder Woman Main Theme – Tina Guo

Not only is this Wonder Woman frap delicious and pretty, but it is also safe for kids because it contains no coffee. So this is a special secret menu item the whole family can enjoy.

But, you don’t just have to turn to the secret menu for new drinks. Starbucks has just rolled out new items, such as the pistachio latte (which is available hot, iced or blended) or the new honey almond milk cold brew.

And perhaps best of all: The red velvet loaf is finally back for the season, and people are here for it! As @valkyriescry89 noted on Twitter, “Starbucks has Red Velvet loaf again and life is GOOD”:

As @jennggarcia says of red velvet loaf season, “I’m THRIVING”:

And remember, this seasonal item is a cult favorite for a reason, but it’s only around for a short time during the winter, so enjoy this decadent treat while you can.

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