Ypsilanti appoints first Black mayor after former mayor resigns following racial comments

Posted at 3:16 PM, Jun 25, 2020

Ypsilanti has a new leader after its former mayor made racist comments. Mayor Pro Tem Lori Richardson was sworn into office on Wednesday.

"Humble is the way," said Mayor Richardson.

Richardson claims to be the first African-American female mayor in the city's history.

"We also have a black female city manager" Richardson said. "So, that's a first. All these first. They excite me. We've been at this so long Rudy."

Disgraced mayor Beth Bashert resigned this week on her personal facebook page.

She declined an interview with Action News on Wednesday.

Richardson said, she plans to speak with the ex-mayor in the coming days.

Protesters demanded Bashert resign after a Tuesday, June 16 City Council meeting. She said she would be "crucified" if she voted against "any Black person on any commission."

Richardson and other council members have previously criticized the former mayor for off color remarks.

"I just see it as being a great start for the city during a healing process," said former commissioner Ka'Ron Gaines. "I am confident in the people," Richardson said. "We will rise up and overcome this."

Richardson will serve until the general election in November. It's unclear at this point if she will have to rerun.