You can stay in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile for just $136 a night on Airbnb

Posted at 8:42 PM, Jul 17, 2019

National Hot Dog day is on Wednesday, and with the celebration, Oscar Mayer announced that people can stay overnight in the Wienermobile for just $136 a night. The listing went live on Airbnb Wednesday.

The Wienermobile is located in Chicago, and is a 1-bed, 1-bath listing for two guests.

"For one night only, you can have the opportunity to eat hot dogs, dream of hot dogs, and yes, live in a hot dog, with an overnight stay in the iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile (no, you’re not having hunger-induced visions — this is real!)," the listing reads. "For the first time ever, your wildest hot dog dreams can come true with a stay in our 27 foot-long hot dog on wheels."

The Wienermobile has a bed, sitting area, adjacent outdoor spaces for the bathroom and a hot dog picnic zone.

Amenities for the listing include a mini fridge stocked with Oscar Mayer hot dogs and Chicago-style hot dog essentials, a roller brill to take home, an outdoor space and a customer Wienermobile art piece.

According to the listing, reservation opportunities will roll out throughout the day on July 24, so you're asked to keep an eye on the listing to submit the request to stay on your desired date.