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Dr. Cathy Novak

Owner, Novak Orthodontics
Posted at 11:33 AM, May 14, 2019

LANSING, Mich. — Catherine Novak is an orthodontist in Holt, Michigan. She was born and raised in the Lansing Area. After attending Michigan State University for undergraduate studies, graduating from the University of Michigan Dental School, completing a general practice residency in Iowa and graduating from the University of Tennessee’s Orthodontic Program while earning a Master of Dental Sciences, she returned home. In 2006, Dr. Novak established Novak Orthodontics, a private practice specializing in orthodontics. Her strong desire to give her patient’s the best care prompted her to continue her education while growing her private practice. After an additional three years of advanced training, Dr. Novak became a Roth trained orthodontist.

Dr. Novak’s mission is to lead her patients’ orthodontic transformation to achieve individualized and optimal results. She incorporates the latest in technology, techniques and research, as well as a compassionate heart, to assist patients in achieving their dream transformation. Her patients know they can rely on her for an honest and complete diagnosis. They know they can have complete confidence in her decision to treat them at the correct time while offering options to achieve the results they desire. Dr. Novak has been rewarded and gratified by the trust she has earned from her patients through the years.

Working as a solo private orthodontist has been a dream come true for Dr. Novak. Along with her husband and two children, she has been able to enjoy the life long relationships she has established through the years of caring for patients. She has had the opportunity to be a mentor and educator to younger patients as they prepare to enter the working world. She has also been able to assist new orthodontists with business and personal decisions that will effect the rest of their life.