Woman shows up for visit, finds robber holding gun to friend's head

Posted at 7:06 PM, Feb 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-21 11:15:54-05

Investigators say a woman came to visit a friend at his Oakland Township home and found a horrifying scene. She saw a man holding a gun to his head. She called 911.

Oakland County Sheriff's Office Deputies responded. They saw the suspected robber in this driveway and ordered him to stop. Instead, he ran.

Deputies went inside the house to check on the homeowner. They found him on the ground, beaten.

“I am grateful that he is alive,” said Lois Thieleke, the victim’s mom.

She got the call on Saturday. Her son was in the hospital with a head injury.

“He is supposed to get lots of rest,” she said.

Two robbers had cut the lines to his surveillance camera then busted through this door into his house. They waited for him to come home. They then beat him with a baseball bat and stole everything they could from his credit card and truck, to his food.

They didn’t appear to be professionals at crime. They tried to hot-wire his newer car.

“New cars you can’t hot-wire,” she said.

Investigators set up a perimeter around his house on Ronnoco Road in Oakland Township.  The victim told deputies the man who ran from the scene did not act alone.  A female accomplice had taken off with some of the victim's belongings in his pick up truck.

Investigators  eventually arrested two suspects, a 21-year-old woman and 25-year-old man from Detroit.

Rochester Police say they caught the woman with cocaine, the victim’s pick-up truck and credit cards. The victim knew her.

A Fugitive Apprehension Team arrested the man at a Greyhound Bus Station in Detroit. He allegedly had the victim’s handgun, wallet, and car keys. The victim did not know him.

“All I can hope for is they sit in jail a long time,” said Thieleke.

Both suspects were lodged at the Oakland County Jail pending the issuance of criminal charges.