Woman says beloved cat barely able to walk after leaving groomer, suspects abuse

Posted at 7:04 PM, May 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-23 08:29:44-04

Lincoln Park Police are investigating allegations that the owner of All Petz Grooming abused a cat in his care. 

"Once I got her home and opened the carrier, she came out and was limping," Cassandra Johnson told 7 Action News. 

Johnson says Roxy's condition deteriorated through the night. She took Roxy to her veterinarian the next day and said she was told that Roxy had three pelvic fractures. 

When Johnson called All Petz, she said the man who groomed Roxy, John, said nothing happened to her cat and that she left his business just fine. 

"Something happened and I'd like to know what," said Johnson.

7 Action News talked to John who says he's the owner but declined to give his last name.

John said his customers love him and denies harming Roxy or any other animal. 

"Some people like to make themselves look ugly by telling lies and trying to beat down the underdog," said John Tuesday as he shaved the hair off of a small dog. "I never hurt any animal."

All Petz Grooming has some good reviews online, but a number of them are awful.

In 2015, the owner of one dog reported All Petz Grooming to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The dog's owner said it was on the way home that their dog began bleeding from her paws and the side of her face.

The dog's owner says when they called All Petz Grooming to find out what happened, they were called nasty names. 

"Really check into where you're taking your loved ones. Unfortunately, I didn't," said Johnson. 

John said he works out in the open where anyone who comes in his business can see what he's doing, and he calls the allegations that he harmed Roxy or any other animal "nonsense."

"I hope charges are filed against him and his business is closed," said Johnson. 

Thankfully, with time and rest, Roxy is expected to recover.

The BBB encourages consumers to visit to check a business rating and reviews before doing business.

"Learn more about its reputation and any history of complaints," said Laura Blankenship, Director of Community Relations for the Better Business Bureau in Eastern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula in a statement. "Always confirm that the company is licensed and insured, if required."

If you don’t have a computer, call BBB at (248) 223-9400.