Wixom man at Capitol riot hit cops 10 times with hockey stick, prosecutors say

Wixom man at the capitol riot
Posted at 1:11 PM, Jan 25, 2021

(AP) — A former Marine from suburban Detroit struck police at least 10 times with a hockey stick during the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, prosecutors said as they urged a judge to keep him locked up.

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Michael Foy of Wixom is due in federal court in Detroit on Monday to determine if he will be released while facing charges in Washington. He was arrested last week, due to publicly shared video, photos and a Facebook page belonging to his father.

Foy “swung and appears to have struck officers with his hockey stick no fewer than 10 times,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Hank Moon said in a court filing Sunday.

“After ten swings, Foy fell back into the crowd — but he was far from finished," Moon said. "He stayed near the doors to the Capitol building. A few minutes later, Foy appears to have rallied his fellow rioters, again taking a leadership role in the chaos.”

"Images and video taken at the Capitol show Foy attacking officers guarding the doors. The scene is chaotic, graphic, and brutal. Rioters hurled projectiles at the officers and physically assaulted them, often using weapons like poles, bottles, and in Foy’s case, a hockey stick. Several officers were dragged into the crowd, stripped of their protective gear, and beaten. Other rioters used crowbars and other tools to knock the windows out of the Capitol so rioters could enter. At one point, before the worst of the melee began, Foy threw what appears to be a sharpened pole at the officers," attorneys argued in the filing.

He subsequently crawled through a broken window into the Capitol, the prosecutor said.

Investigators have the hockey stick. Foy is charged with five crimes, including assault and obstruction of law enforcement. His attorney, Colleen Fitzharris, declined to comment ahead of the bond hearing.

Foy is the second Michigan man to be charged in the Capitol violence. Karl Dresch of Calumet was ordered held without bond last week.