Will Your Relationship Survive Christmas?

Posted: 4:46 PM, Dec 15, 2015
Updated: 2015-12-15 16:46:56-05

The holidays can mean love, laughter, and unspeakable stress. This range of emotions can really be a roller coaster for your relationship, so The List's Donna Ruko uncovered some holiday relationship statistics on the Lowdown .


1.  Breakups

Two weeks before the winter holidays has one of the highest breakups periods of the year.  The holiday pressure seems to force you to reflect and make big decisions.  January 4th is considered D-day; the busiest divorce filing day for lawyers around the world.


2.  Betrothals

On the other end of the spectrum, because stress either pushes people together or pulls them apart, almost 40% of couples have yuletide engagements.


3.  Bigger and Better Gifts

On average, first year couples spend just under $100 on each other.  Each year couples increase spending by about $20.



The most common birthday of the year is around September 16th and if you do the math it brings you back to around December 24th.


Special thanks to Shoshana Hanson !