Whirlpool installing washer, dryer in schools to try and boost attendance

Posted: 6:17 AM, Aug 02, 2016
Updated: 2016-08-02 08:45:41-04

Most of us take access to clean clothes for granted. 

But for children in some districts across the country, not being able to put on a clean shirt or pair of pants before school can be a reason to stay home.

In a big digital presentation , Whirlpool announced the results of its "Care Counts" program.

Concerned that a lack of clean clothes made a difference with attendance rates, the company installed a washer and dryer in 17 schools across two districts last year.

Whirlpool says it anonymously tracked loads of laundry, grades and attendance for students in the program.

The company found in the first year, after around 2,000 loads, attendance improved. At risk students, who missed 10 or more days the previous school year, went to class almost two more weeks, according to the company. On average, Whirlpool found participating students attended about 6.1 more days of school.

Whirlpool says surveyed teachers found more than 90 percent of the participants also had more motivation in class.

After a reportedly successful first year, the company says it plans to expand the Care Counts program to additional school districts.

If people would like to help, Whirlpool is accepting donations for the program here.