What Your Server is Really Trying to Say

Posted at 5:04 PM, Jan 06, 2016
Waiters and Waitress have one major objective: make the customer happy.  But that’s not always an easy feat.  Sometimes the wait staff has to stretch the truth, so The List’s Bradley Hasemeyerdecoded some of the most common things you hear servers say and what they really mean.

1. “Take your time.”  

This actually translates to; there's a wait, there's a line, there's people here wanting your table, so please hurry up.

2. “Are you freezing or boiling? 

No problem, sure I’ll see about adjusting the temperature.”  Sorry, but we’re not going to change the thermostat.  Don’t worry you’ll never know because changing it won’t make a big difference in the temperature anyway.

3. “A Photo?  Sure, but actually there’s a better spot by the valet.”  

We’ve got other tables to serve and we need to get yours cleaned for the next guest, so let’s move the project along.

4. “Sure I’ll grab that right away.”  

Everyone wants to be treated like a king and queen and that’s our job as wait staff, but we also have other kings and queens we’re trying to please, so it might be a minute or two. 

5. “No, you’re not being difficult at all.”

If we have to say you’re not being high maintenance, you totally are but we’ll still say everything with a smile!
Special thanks to server Raquel Diehm and bartender Chris Lane.