What will be the first dance at the royal wedding?

Posted at 10:52 PM, May 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 09:00:26-04

With less than a week to go until the highly anticipated Royal wedding, many experts are weighing in on what to expect when American actress and 'royal-to-be' Meghan Markle says “I do” to Prince Harry. The ceremony taking place at Windsor Castle in England and televised worldwide!

The royal wedding and royal reception will air live here on WXYZ Channel 7 Saturday morning and we hear the new American royal may have a big surprise in store during the official first dance. 

The first dance at a Royal Wedding traditionally looks like a British Waltz: flawless posture, elegant lines, closed frame, no spins or frills.

"It's meant to show off that very regal posture as they dance around," says Donald Westphal, a ballroom dancing professional at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Bloomfield Hills. 

It's a moment the world will be watching after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tie the knot. 

"A British waltz is what we might have originally been expecting from the happy couple," says Westphal.

BUT some of his fellow Fred Astaire Dance Studio professionals have choreographed royal dances in the past and they have insider information that could surprise traditional royals and add some excitement for the public. 

Rumor has it, Meghan Markle wants their first dance to be to her favorite song: Whitney Houston’s "I Want to Dance With Somebody" no one knows just how far from tradition the dance could veer. 

"They may add more of the American Waltz influence which is when they are allowed to do some under arm turns, glide around the floor and move a little more, but I also hear Meghan likes to cha cha and likes the spicy dances. So they could be dancing to a Whitney Houston song and we might see something like a cha cha," says Westphal adding it could be a first for a royal wedding. 

We’ll have to wait until Saturday, to find out if Markle decides to surprise the Royal guests or not.

In the meantime, if you are planning a wedding and want to look more royal during your first dance, Westphal has a few tips:

1) Posture: Stand like a superhero not an undercover investigator. Standing up tall and straight, with your chest slightly out looks much better in photos. Maintaining a strong frame while dancing, looks more regal and also, better in photos. 

2) Have Fun: No one will notice if you miss a step when you are having the time of your life with the love of your life. 

3) Learn a few moves: Take lessons at least 3 months in advance, choreograph the entire dance or just learn a few moves to help build your confidence on the dance floor.  P.S. learn a spin or two, they are fun to do and fun for an audience to watch

4) Practice: Get plenty of practice in, so on the day of your wedding you don't have to think about the steps, you can just have fun!