We're finding out: When and where you should leave a tip

Posted: 5:43 PM, Jun 18, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-19 12:33:54Z

A new study found done by found millennials are not tipping enough , finding nearly two thirds are tipping less then the standard 20 percent. So just when and where should you tip? 

One person you may not think needs a tip is your dog groomer, however the co-owner of Bingo Institute of Grooming, Brian Lane, says dog groomers work off commission.

“We notice most people on smaller dogs do like 5 dollars on larger dog they’ll usually do 10,” said Lane.

Another person you should tip is your Uber and Lyft drivers . Uber has just added a tipping option off your phone when you hail a ride, something Uber has had for years.

However not all service industries tip, for example IV Haus in Royal Oak. People can walk in and get an IV drip for a little extra hydration that they say can sure anything from a cold to a hangover. They do not work off commission.

“We normally don’t accept tips, mainly because our services are a certain amount of money and we don’t want to over tax our folks that come in,” said the co-owner of IV Haus Sabra Evans

If you are unsure if you should ask.

“We get a lot of calls everyday about whether or not they should tip,” says Evans.

If you do end up having a bad experience, say something first before giving no tip at all.

“Not only from a tipping perspective but again overall satisfaction,” said Bob Morton, co-owner of Lilly’s Seafood and Grill Brewery.