Top 3 YouTube Millionaires of 2015

Posted: 10:12 AM, Dec 16, 2015
Updated: 2015-12-16 10:12:18-05

Long gone are the days of hoping to make it big in Hollywood. Today’s youth is all about becoming a YouTube star. It can be done, and it can pay a lot of money. Here are the top three YouTube earners of 2015.

1: PewDiePie

                Felix Kjellberg rakes in more than $12 million a year cracking jokes while playing video games.

                In 2010 he ditched college to work at a hotdog stand to fund his YouTube videos.

                Two years later, his “Bro Army” grew to one million. Today, he has more than 40 million subscribers, the most on YouTube.

                He also has a video game and a parody self-help book .

2: Smosh

                The live-action comedy channel “Smosh” brings in over $8 million a year for Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla.

                In 2005 they had one of the biggest channels on YouTube.

                Since then, they’ve added a game section, a blog, three web series, an app, and even a full length movie .

                Now they boast more than 21-million subscribers.

3: Fine Brothers Entertainment

                Benny and Rafi Fine bring in more than $8.5 million reacting to videos.

                In 2004 the brothers uploaded their first video and rocketed to internet fame. Along the way they’ve had sponsors like Ford and Comedy Central.

The brothers have even produced other YouTubers.


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