Hundreds of Endangered Sea Turtles Rescued

Posted: 4:50 PM, Jan 08, 2016
Updated: 2016-01-11 10:37:36-05

The List's Jimmy Rhoades has 3 stories that have people talking, Across America. 

1. Twin Trouble. 

There are 4 sets of twins in a Kindergarten class at Southern Elementary in Wisconsin. And get this, the teacher also has a twin sister. 

2. Sea Turtle Rescue. 

Hundreds of sea turtles were rescued in North Carolina. The juveniles haven't learned to swim to warmer waters so when the temperatures dropped they were in trouble. They will be nursed back to health and released into warmer water. 

3. Discovered Shipwreck

Warmer-than-normal waters are melting the ice in Alaska and uncovering historic shipwrecks. Achaelogosts have already discovered parts of two whaling ships trapped in ice since 1871.