Wahmhoff Farms sends Christmas trees to military troops around the United States

Wahmhoff Farms - Trees for Troops
Posted at 5:14 PM, Nov 30, 2020

GOBLES, Mich. — For the 16th year, military bases across the country will be receiving Christmas trees through "Trees for Troops".

One tree farm in West Michigan is taking part for its 15th year.

Wahmhoff Farms said they're sending just over 360 real Christmas trees to three military bases.

For one veteran and volunteer, he said it has come full circle.

"They were packing up Christmas Trees for soldiers like me," said Vietnam veteran Robert Akins.

Wahmhoff Farms loaded trees into trucks to send off to troops for the 15th year.

Along with over 100 volunteers, Robert Akins, a Vietnam veteran also came out to help.

"I got a Christmas tree in Vietnam. We put it in our unit and decorated it. We were dumbfounded to have a real Christmas tree in the country there," said Akins.

"Trees for Troops" said 79 military bases around the United States will receive Christmas trees this year.

The trees from Wahmhoff Farms and three other local growers in west Michigan will go to bases in Kentucky, South Dakota and Alabama.

"We don’t choose the base. It gets assigned to us. This year there is either three or four bases that these trees are going to. They are Fort Campbell, Fort Rucker and Ellsworth Air Force Base," said Wahmhoff Farms Executive Secretary Betsy Perales.

Each tree is purchased and donated by community members, businesses, farms and nurseries, and include a note with messages like 'Thank You' and 'Merry Christmas'.

"I think for them it lets them know that they are not forgotten by us. I don’t want to get all emotional, but we are so thankful for our military. It is a sacrifice, wherever they are and whatever they are doing. For my family, this is my family's business. We get to grow Christmas trees. It is super cool to take something that is a part of our lives and know that that is a blessing," said Perales.

"Trees for Troops" said this year they'll be sending around 14,500 trees to military bases across the United States between November 30 and December 11.

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