Video of disturbing fight at metro Detroit middle school posted on social media

Posted at 4:14 PM, Sep 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-29 15:31:20-04

A video going around social media showing two boys fighting in Hazel Park is not a special needs student nor a student with autism as some people are portraying, according to School Superintendent Amy Kruppe. 

Dr. Kruppe tells 7 Action News the fight in the video happened at 3:40 on Wednesday after school was out at Hazel Park Middle School. 

She says she has confirmed that by talking with both parents of the two boys involved. 

She also debunks a rumor that one of the boys in the video is an 8th grade football player beating up the 6th grade special needs student.  

“Neither student in the fight is a football player,” Dr Kruppe said.

Kasey Boura and her daughter Eden tell 7 Action News a different story. 

Eden who is in the 7th grade says the boy knocked on the ground in the video has ADHD and is bullied in school.  Kasey says she has shared the video because it was spreading on social media and wanted to bring awareness to the the school district. She also says her daughter was bullied last year.  

7 Action News has blurred the video to hide the faces of the students involved. 

As the video continues, you can see one football player in his uniform and pads walking over to help the student on the ground. The Superintendent says the team was waiting to board a bus when the fight happened. 

Dr. Kruppe  says disciplinary action has been taken against the two boys who fought but would not say what it is.  Standard action is a suspension depending on the nature of the fight. 

This issue could go to the school board at the next meeting.  But the Superintendent says she has handled it.