VIDEO: Michigan friends write, perform catchy song for Thanksgiving

Posted at 5:23 PM, Nov 25, 2020

Why should Christmas get all of the musical love when there's a perfectly good holiday in November that's deserving of a catchy jam?

Well, Thanksgiving can now be thankful for three Michigan friends who have written and recorded a music video for their "Thanksgiving Song" — a catchy tune that will have you bopping along as you dig into the mash potatoes.

Nina Serdy (vocals), Marni Sison (guitar/vocals), and Gordon Krupsky (percussion/accordion) actually wrote the song more than 10 years ago on Thanksgiving as high school pals. They attended Carlson High School in Gibraltar together.

"We got together at my parents' house and were talking about writing music together," said Nina.

She said they were inspired to write the song because Thanksgiving doesn't really get the musical attention like other holidays. The lyrics may remind you of common Thanksgiving Day encounters — like your grandma not liking your hair.

"The lyrics are based on the collective stories and experiences from our friends from Thanksgiving," said Nina.

Nina said she wrote the lyrics in 5 minutes while Marni and Gordon worked on the guitar parts, and soon, all of their efforts came together in a perfect Turkey Day harmony.

While they did record the song more than a decade ago, Nina said they decided to remotely collaborate and re-record the tune this year complete with a music video. Nina said Marni also writes children's music under the nameMarni Sing-Songand that he added some professional mixing and producing to really help the song shine this time around.

As far as the next musical adventure for these three Michiganders? We'll just have to wait and see.

"We're still friends and we still like to make music together for fun," she said.