Top 3 cities where your paycheck goes furthest

Posted at 12:41 PM, Mar 29, 2017

We’re all looking for ways to get more for our money and one big factor is where we choose to live. Glassdoor just released their list of 25 Cities Where Pay Goes Furthest so Jared Cotter talked to people who call a few of those places home to find out what kind of difference it makes.

1.  Chicago

#19 City to Stretch Pay

It’s in a progressive era so public sector workers are getting paid well for the most part. Buying a fixer upper is very common here so you save on housing and the city offers a ton of free activities including museums and entertainment places. You'll be saying "GO CUBS in no time!

2.  Cleveland

#4 City to Stretch Pay

You can rent a nice house in the city for what it cost for a small apartment in other locations in America. A lot of people here are able to pay off debt and even save for retirement thanks to this. If you’re looking for a cool city that is affordable to live in, this is your place.

3.  Detroit

#1 City to Stretch Pay

Although the population of Detroit declined when some of the big auto manufacturers left, the city never died. It’s actually booming again and the prices are by far the best in the nation to live a comfortable life. Here you can start a great career and even own your own property. Now that’s what the American dream is all about!

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Big thanks to Cleveland's Jim Doutt, Detroit's Chase Cantrell and Chicago's Daniel Rhoades!

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