Thieves pull off brazen heist at Detroit supermarket

Posted at 7:13 PM, Feb 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-20 09:42:06-05

A pair of thieves is at-large, and a store manager upset after the duo makes off with thousands of dollars in cash.

Early Sunday morning the manager of the Glory Supermarket on Outer Drive was woken up by his store’s alarm. The man has a system that alerts him when people enter the store, and could see from remote security cameras that two men had gotten inside.

“They were here for about an hour before they got in,” said the manager, who didn’t want to be identified after past incidents where robberies multiplied when workers spoke out. “They stayed inside the store for about 20 minutes.”

Security cameras captured two masked criminals methodically entering the business, and then using tools to try to break out a special cash-deposit box that looks like an ATM.

The manager told 7 Action News that it appeared that the pair knew what they were doing. The duo can be seen on camera grabbing hundreds of dollars in change before using a tool that looks like a hammer to bash in the wall where the cash-deposit box is. When they failed to break through the they back a truck into the building and steal the entire machine.

It appears that the machine was recovered hours later inside a burned out home on the 3800 block of Phillip Street, north of Mack Avenue. While police could not confirm that the item recovered at the burned out home was the same box, the manager looked at video of the machine and confirmed that it appeared to be the same box that was stolen from his store.

Detroit Police are investigating the robbery.