The Top 3 Cool New Cameras of 2017

Posted at 1:05 PM, Feb 03, 2017

Recently a bunch of devices have been coming out that make capturing moments you can cherish forever easy, unique and fun. Which new camera is the one for you though? Brian Corsetti has the top three high-tech options you’ll want taking your picture in 2017.

1.  Hover Camera Passport

You'll never have to hold your own phone to take a selfie again thanks to this amazing new invention. It’s a drone camera combo that flies in the face of traditional portrait photography. It will record 4K video or snap 13 megapixel photos while hovering like a hummingbird. It even has face and body tracking so it can follow you and record video. You can tell it to orbit you or spin 360 degrees to get unique shots. Pick one up for around $600.

2.  PogoCam

This is a discreet camera that attaches to your glasses and lets you take five megapixel photos, or record two minutes of 720p video and audio with just a click on your temple. PogoCam is removable so you can switch it to any of your favorite pair of eyewear that has Pogo Track on it. Preorder one for around $130 and expect a spring shipment.

3.  Insta360 Air

This is a camera that attaches to your smartphone and gives you 360 degree photos like you might have seen on your Facebook feed. This pocket sized peeper wants to capture or stream virtual reality style videos to give you a truly immersive feeling. You can preorder one for around $100 and expect a March shipment.

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