The exciting future of virtual reality gaming is here

Posted at 2:47 PM, Aug 30, 2017

Technology never ceases to blow our minds. What we could only imagine 10 years ago is now the norm, like talking digital assistants and on-demand everything. Virtual reality is no different. What used to be a nerdy hobby is going main stream and, as Teresa Strasser found out, it's getting real, especially in the gaming industry. Velocity VR is a new game system that is taking this tech to a whole new level at arcades and venues around the world. Octane Raceway’s JP Mullan has more on this incredible new way to get your game on.

1.  You Play on Teams

You aren’t physically wired to a computer and you play on teams against the robots. Six players can play at a time and you have a backpack with your computer and VR headset.

2.  It Gets Physical

In the singularity game with the robots you go through a space station in multiple areas and you walk over a half mile in the game. Add in adrenaline from the intense gameplay and it's quite a workout.

3.  No Gamepads or Joysticks

The great part about virtual reality is that you are the controller. You have motion tracking sensors on your head on your goggles so when you walk through the game, there's actually 64 cameras that watch where you are.

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