The 4 apps of 2017 that changed all of our lives

Posted at 7:06 PM, Dec 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-08 07:59:57-05

Before you get ready to jump into a new year of tech advancements and new, creative apps, don't let 2017's greatest apps pass you by! Lindsey Granger's breaking down the 4 apps that changed our digital lives this year, so that you can still grab them, before your phone's storage gets filled with New Year's Eve selfies.

1. The ASOS App

If you've ever seen someone's outfit, loved it, and wanted to ask where they got it, but did'nt want to seem like "that guy", the ASOS app has got you covered. The free app lets you upload pictures of other peoples' outfits, then shows you hundreds of similar pieces that you can purchase on the spot - no awkward "I don't know you, but where did you get that?" conversations necessary!

2. GasBuddy

Save time, gas, and cash by using GasBuddy to find the best prices for filling up your ride! The app crowdsources data on gas prices in your area and promptly updates prices to their most current, helping you make sure you find the cheapest gas near you.

And if you like to go on road trips, the app can help you with that too. You can type in your starting point and destination and the app will show you how much your trip will cost, plus alert you to where gas will be cheapest for you along the way.

3. Ibotta

Keeping track of your own rebates for purchases can be a hassle - filing away all those receipts and coupon cut-outs? Who's got time for something like that? But now you can get out of the cash back dark ages, and still reap the benefits, thanks to Ibotta, the rebate app.

Before you go shopping, open the app and select rebates from the store you'll be heading to. Then, once you make your purchases, take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the app. Within 48 hours, you'll get paid in actual cash, via Venmo, PayPal, or sent to you on a gift card. And has rebated over $200 million in rebates - and counting! And it's not just for shopping - you can get rebates on restaurants, the movies, anywhere you love to visit! The app has over 500,000 stores in its data bank, just waiting to pay you back for spending time with them.

4. Offtime

As much as we love our phones and the apps that come with it, sometimes, we all need to just take a few minutes to ourselves. That's why there's the Offtime app. The app helps you temporarily disconnect from phone calls and texts so you can focus on tasks you've got to get done, or just take a few seconds to yourself to relax. Just set the app's timer for however long you'd like to disconnect for, and you're free to get down to work, or take a little time to yourself.

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