Teens wearing mannequin heads throwing firecrackers at cars in metro Detroit

Posted at 4:14 PM, Jul 03, 2017

Police are investigating after a group of teenagers were wearing white masks with mannequin heads, throwing firecrackers and jumping out at cars in Lincoln Park.

What may have been a prank could have ended dangerously.

"We felt threatened," said Serena Miles.

She was in a car with her friend Alia Estes and two children a little after midnight.

They were driving on Champagne Road near Lincoln Park High School, when they noticed something strange.

"Did somebody put mannequins on the corner? They were literally standing so still and all hunched down in a crowd. They didn't look real," she explained. "They were all in black clothes but some of them had like this in the hood."

A group of teens wearing masks rushed to their car throwing fire crackers and reaching into the backseat where the kids were sitting.

Serena said, "We started hearing 'pop' 'pop' 'pop'"

Alia Estes added, "Both of the windows were open, so that could've hurt them (the children) very badly."

Her son Ricky is 8 years old.

"When I saw it, I ducked down and started to cry," he said.

"Other cars were swerving out of the lanes because they were trying to run out at them too," Serena said.

Serena and Alia drove off at first and then decided to turn around and chase the group.

The teens hopped a nearby fence, leaving behind some of their masks and mannequin heads.

Alia's car had some minor damage. They called police and warned other drivers passing by, like Mikki Garcia.

"That could've ended horribly," Mikki said. "You think you're pulling a little prank and you could've been the one serious injured from it."

Serena explained, "They could've gotten shot. We could've ran them over."

"Watch your children. This is a very serious matter," Alia added.

None of the teens have been caught but police are investigating.