1 in 5 workers will spend Thanksgiving together

Posted at 10:11 AM, Nov 25, 2015

A new survey says one in five workers will spend Thanksgiving together, and some are doing it by choice.

CareerBuilder found employees in the South are most likely to spend the holiday together, along with 27 percent of workers ages 25-34.

"I am the host this year, so I am doing the turkey, all of it," said Brittany Miller, a bartender and server at Four Friends Kitchen in Denver. "We have four or five people that work in the back ... that will come by because they don't have anything to do."

The owner of Four Friends Kitchen says she is closing the restaurant on Thanksgiving so customers and employees alike can spend time with family and friends.

"We don't have family, and none of us have time or money to go see family, so we decided to get together and make a little side family," said Alex Copowicz, who also works at the restaurant.

Miller has dubbed the celebration 'Friendsgiving,' a growing trend among Millennials.

And for certain industries, that is the only option.

CareerBuilder found certain fields are less likely to let workers go home for the holidays, listing leisure and hospitality, retail and health care as the most common.

When given the choice, nine out of 10 workers polled said they would prefer to spend the day with family.