Subscription Meal Kits: 3 easy steps?

Posted at 12:42 PM, Aug 23, 2017

Shopping for groceries can be time consuming and cost you a whole lot especially when you think about all the food you waste by not using it fast enough. Meal delivery kits promise to save you time and money so Kristina Guerrero is trying out a popular one, Chef'd, to see how easy it really is to prepare a meal.

1.  Read the Recipe

It may seem obvious to read a recipe carefully, but this is critical because it'll give you an idea of the utensils you need.

2.  Food Prep

These kits are convenient, but do take a lot of time. It seems simple, but the ingredients are pretty extensive.

3.  Cooking & Plating

It’s a little time consuming, but the meal was delicious.

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