Students tired of ceiling falling on their heads

Posted: 8:02 PM, Jan 13, 2016
Updated: 2016-01-14 10:57:13-05

Kids at Cody High School spoke out to 7 Action News asking for help bringing attention to problems in their building.

“Its like playing dodgeball,” said Phillip Bryant, a senior at the school.

He is talking about what it is like to sit in a classroom where ceiling tiles randomly fall. He says it happens every week. One even hit him in the head.

“I know students who went to the hospital because they had a head injury,” said Jonice Sylvester, a Cody High student.

The school district tells 7 Action News there is no incident report on record that reflects the allegation made at the Detroit Institute of Technology College Preparatory at Cody. Administrators have not been made aware of any instance where a ceiling tile has fallen on a student.

Teachers back up the students stories and sent pictures of damaged ceilings to us.

"The District is aware and is mitigating the roof leaks at Cody. The building tiles loosen and fall from time to time and when it happens we replace them. When there is a problem reported the District responds and makes an effort to make the necessary repairs,” said Michelle Zdrodowski, Executive Director of Communications at DPS.

“The ceiling tiles get wet, and then that makes them fall,” said Tavon Hale.

“It is hard to focus when you are worried about getting knocked out by ceiling tiles,” said student Keith Ogua.

Kids at Cody High School say they want the district to fix their building and provide them with teachers. They spoke out on 7 Action News last year about how the district didn’t provide a certified math teacher for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Only freshmen have a certified math teacher.

“I care about my education,” said Sylvester. “I think we deserve math teachers."