Strange Gift Ideas: 3 highly unusual smart gadgets

Posted at 2:59 PM, Feb 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-17 14:12:33-04

These days it seems like everything is connected to our smartphones and while most of those gizmos are useful, some of them have us saying “WHAT?” Kristina Guerrero has three unusual smart gadgets that have us questioning our lives, but we still kind of want.

1.  Xiaomi Smart Rice Cooker

It connects to Wi-Fi and pairs with your smartphone, but why would we need that appliance to be smart? Why not! It scans a box of rice which then allows the cooker to offer you one of two thousand heating methods depending on your specific variety of rice. Pick one up for around $190.

2.  Kérastase Hair Coach

This is a smart brush that listens to your hair through a microphone and analyzes the force and speed of your brushing. Their app takes that data and gives you a hair health score and depending on its dryness, damage, breakage or tangling it'll recommend products that might be good for you. Preorder this smart brush for around $200. It should start shipping this fall.

3.  Spinali Design Vibrating Jeans

These jeans will pair with your smartphone giving you turn by turn directions by vibrating on your left or right side. They also vibrate to notify you of a text or call. Pick up a pair for around $87.

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