Stores making you buy more to get a deal

Posted at 1:30 PM, Jan 26, 2016

Have you noticed all the 2-fer, 3-fer, and even 4 for 4 deals this new year?

It seems every store and restaurant is rolling out great deals.

But this time they come with a big catch: It can be impossible to buy just one.

Many Sales Require More Purchases

Something different is happening in the supermarket, in the drugstore, and at fast food restaurants in 2016.

Rather than just give us a sale, they are making us buy more to get the discount.

Next time you are in Walgreens, check those tags beneath each item.  You will probably find dozens of sales, if you buy two or more items.

Mouthwash? 2 for $11, or $6.29 each. If you buy just one, you have to pay more.

Even grocery stores are getting into the act, according to the website

One chain was selling 3 12-packs of Coke for $9.  But you must buy 3 12-packs, or you'll pay a lot more. Hope you really like Coke.
Another store was selling Chunky soup at 2 for $3. But you must buy two.

Restaurants Running Similar Deals

Meantime, it's similar with fast food restaurants. Check out Wendy's 4 for 4: You get a drink, nuggets, fries, and a burger. All that for 4 bucks.

McDonalds is running a 2 for $2 deal, Burger King, 5 for $4.

It's all good, with one catch: You have to buy more, which you may not always want to do.

Another example we spotted: A big roll of TP: 10 for $5, or 50 cents each at Walgreens. Great deal.

But do you really need 10? (Maybe if you just ate all that extra food you purchased, but that's another topic). Once again, one roll is going to cost you a lot more.

New Deals Benefit Stores

Mouseprint says some of these deals really benefit stores because most shoppers dont scrutinize the signs, and they buy just one item, thinking it's on sale when it's not.

So read the fine print, so you don't waste your money.

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