Petition started, protest organized after allegations of drink tampering at Kalamazoo bar

Y-Bar & Bistro is currently being investigated by police.
Y Bar & Bistro in Kalamazoo
Posted at 9:48 PM, Apr 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-16 21:48:15-04

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — A petition is circulating on social media about how police handled allegations of alleged drink tampering at a local bar.

FOX 17 has also been made aware of a protest scheduled for Monday.

As of Friday afternoon, over 4,800 people had signed the petition that was posted about what has reportedly been happening at Y Bar & Bistro in Kalamazoo.

This comes after two Western Michigan University (WMU) students' video went viral about the bar owner allegedly drugging and tampering with multiple drinks.



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"A group of friends and I went to Y Bar and Bistro on Howard Street. In the morning none of us had recollection of our evening. We all then tested positive for opioids in our system, and that was a group of 14-plus girls," said Grace, who made a TikTok video saying she reportedly had her drink drugged at Y Bar & Bistro.

Y Bar & Bistro's parking lot is still empty just one day after a viral TikTok video made by the WMU students finally caught the attention of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety (KDPS).

"We had spoken to the Western Police, and we had spoken to the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety. We were really brushed off," said Grace in an interview with FOX 17 News on Thursday.

KDPS announced Thursday they had assigned multiple detectives to investigate the allegations into the bar regarding drink tampering.

That same day we spoke to the two women, Grace and Abigail, who decided to keep their last names out for privacy reasons. They said since sharing their story, other people are reaching out.

"Since then, hundreds of people have come forward with their stories. You probably have seen it on social media," said Abigail in an interview with FOX 17 on Thursday.

Their video reached over one million views with hundreds of comments of similar circumstances.

Other WMU students created a petition with a goal of 5,000 signatures to bring attention to what many people said has been happening throughout the years at Y Bar.

Another student even organized a peaceful protest outside the bar for Monday evening.

"Please do your best to spread the word. We don’t want anyone to get hurt," said Grace in the TikTok video.

FOX 17 reached out to Y Bar & Bistro again on Friday, in an attempt to contact the owner, Jon Rockwood, regarding the investigation but have not yet heard back.

KDPS has not said whether or not Rockwood is involved in the investigation.

As of Friday afternoon, there was no update on the investigation from the police.