MSP trooper charged in alleged K9 assault has cased moved

Posted at 12:27 PM, Jun 04, 2021

On Friday morning, the preliminary exam for a Michigan State Trooper accused of leaving his police K9 on a suspect for nearly four minutes was adjourned while new evidence is looked at.

Former State Trooper Parker Surbrook will find out today if there's enough evidence for him to stand trial, and the alleged victim says a trial is long overdue.

"He didn't care about a black man being mauled by his canine," Maurice Davis, the attorney for Robert Gilliam III, said.

Surbrook served with MSP for eight years leading up to the incident. He was charged with one count of felonious assault on March 5.

The alleged crime happened on Nov. 13, when Surbrook's K9 partner followed his commands to continue attacking Gilliam.

"I'm asking a police officer to please keep the dog off of me. Get them off. I mean, he's telling the dog stay on him. Good boy. Good boy. Good boy," Gilliam said.

Surbrook pursued Gilliam after he crashed while trying to get away during a police chase. Davis said his client was scared to stop.

"Trooper Surbrook does not get to decide what Mr. Gilliam's punishment is," Davis said.

"When the dog attacked me and stayed on me, and I fear for my life, I thought my life was about to end right then and there," Gilliam added.

MSP put Surbrook on unpaid suspension until the criminal case is resolved. Davis filed a lawsuit against MSP on his client's behalf Thursday, demanding $1 million.

"The dogs stop and start licking my wounds. If the dog knows to stop and lick your wounds, what's that say about him as an officer as a police officer? What's that say about him his character?" Gilliam said.