Fireworks Safety: 82% of US parents believe it's safe for kids to use fireworks

Experts urge consumers to leave fireworks to professionals
Teen loses leg, fingers after fireworks mishap
Posted at 7:11 PM, Jul 05, 2021

(WXYZ) — Although most experts say that fireworks should be left to professionals, 82% of parents in the U.S. believe it's safe for their kids to light fireworks or play with sparklers.

A report from ValuePenguin that surveyed 1,100 consumers led to the findings.

Key findings in the report include:

  • Experts encourage consumers to watch fireworks only at professional displays, but most Americans ignore that advice. 74% of respondents — and 86% of parents with kids younger than 18 — plan to be around nonprofessionals setting off fireworks this summer. A further 59% plan to set off their own.
  • Be wary of illegal, professional-grade or homemade fireworks. 22% of Americans admit to using these types of fireworks, which account for most fireworks-related accidents.
  • Fireworks safety education for parents is critical. 82% of parents with kids younger than 18 think it’s OK for children to play with fireworks or sparklers. Those without kids are more likely to believe this is unsafe. Regardless of whether an adult is present, experts say children should never handle fireworks themselves.
  • Fireworks can result in injuries and even deaths. 21% of Americans have been injured due to fireworks or sparklers, though less than half had to go to the emergency room. Gen Zers (30%) and men (25%) are among those most likely to be injured.
  • If you’re setting off fireworks at home, know the insurance-related risks as well as the safety dangers. 55% of Americans have no idea if their home/renters insurance policy covers fireworks-related damage. While most policies cover fires, fireworks can be another story, especially if the damage is caused by illegal activity.

From 2019 to 2020, there was a 770.0% increase in fireworks injuries in the United States, the report revealed. According to research, the pandemic may have had a significant increase in fireworks injuries due to the cacellation of professional fireworks.

Read the full report here.