Cleanup efforts continue for residents affected by major flooding in Wayne County

Posted at 5:44 AM, Jun 28, 2021

(WXYZ) — Cleanup efforts across metro Detroit are continuing this morning after severe flooding left widespread damage.

Wayne County is among the hardest-hit areas with flooding freeways and homes, and some communities have declared a state of emergency.

Thousands also lost power, including parts of Dearborn, and that's where the cleanup is really underway.

Dalal Al Dika has her work cut out for her. Her basement furniture and appliances are a total loss after flooding on Friday night. Water took over her basement, most of it coming from her toilet.

"Brown water, dirty, ugly, too much smell," Al Dika said.

Her kids' clothes were caught in the flooding and the smell of moldy air has yet to dissipate. Like Dika, her neighbors still have no power.

That includes 90 seniors who live in the senior apartment complex across the street.

"You don't have lights, you don't have air conditioning, you don't have a place to cook or shower," Alec Berry said. He lives in Hampton Manor East.

Some residents moved in with family to escape the heat.

"A couple of us last night was up until 4 o'clock because it was just too hot to go to sleep," Michael Sweeny said.

The police department delivered dinner and nonperishable food items, making sure residents' bellies were filled.

"Most of them are on fixed income, so to throw away all that food in the refrigerator is pretty tough, and it'll be tough to replace," Sweeny added.

The City of Dearborn surveyed the damage. The hotline they set up rang off the hook with more than 700 calls before noon.

"2014, I thought that was the worst I'd ever see, but this is definitely worse than that one," Joseph Murray, the Dearborn fire chief, said.